NFA Fluter Cinvention Las Vegas ナショナルフルートコンベンション in ラスベガス
2012.August 9-12

2012 NFA flute convention
Program Chair
Ms.Zart Eby

Caesars palace
Las Vegas

Mr. Peter-Luukas Graf

Ms.Amy Porter

Ms. Bonita Boyd

Young Artist Competition
Ms.Joanna Wu
Ms. Laura Kaufman
Ms.Laura Kaufman

Mr. Walfrid Kujala

Ms. Alexa Still

Kanako as a volunteer for the Powell Flutes Exhibitor Showcase

The World of Louis Fleury

The Flute in tango

Korean flutist
Ms. Jasmine Choi

Hungarian Flutist Mr. gergely Ittzes & Ms. Zart eby

Nagahara Flute booth

Mr. Nagahara

Mr.Chang-Kook Kim


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